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buddhist counselling

buddhist counselling

Welcome to a safe space.

Here, your voice will be heard.

buddhist counselling

Who is Buddhist Counselling for?

You may be:

• A Buddhist practitioner

• Someone interested in Buddhist philosophy

• Looking for an alternative therapy option

Whoever you are, having a willingness to explore and inquire into your mind is where we start.

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What is Buddhist Counselling?

Buddhist Counselling draws upon Buddhist psychology and thought to assist you in finding clarity and developing your own inner wisdom.

Buddhist Counselling is very similar to regular counselling – however your therapist is also trained in and currently has their own personal Buddhist practice – so can therefore communicate with you in terms you may understand.

Buddhist Psychology

Self-Care is an important component of caring for others.

Without a self-care plan, you may find yourself drained of energy, and the capacity to continue caring for others. Some individuals also report they feel guilty for taking the time out to care for themselves.

This is very common.

To continue caring for others, it is important to care for ourselves. Buddhist Counselling can provide a unique element to support your self-care practice.

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How does it work?

In brief, clients are encouraged to try to analyse the basic nature of their own problem, through understanding the true nature of their mind.

Once this is achieved, the ability to solve ones own problems becomes possible.

We become our own therapist.

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