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Sanjay runs special courses and events throughout the year.

All events are available to attend online.

Click through to see scheduled dates and to make a booking via Phoenix Yoga Studios website. (Sanjay is the director of this studio).

Meditation Level 1 – Mindful Awareness

4 week course

• What is Mindfulness?
• Why do we do it?
• Having the right motivation.
• How do we do it? – looking at 4 techniques to bring calm and attentiveness.

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Meditation Level 2 – Mindful Thinking

9 week course

Here we start looking deeper into Mahayana Tibetan Buddhist Teachings. The foundational text we study and use for our meditation practice was refined 900 years ago by Lama Tsong Khapa, a great Buddhist monk.

• Perfect Human Rebirth
• Eight Worldly Concerns
• Impermanence and Death
• Karma and Purification
• Samsaric Suffering
• Anger and Patience
• Attachment
• Equanimity and Kindness

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Meditation Level 3 – Mindful Existence

9 week course

Following level 2, we explore topics that relate to conventional and ultimate reality according to Madhyamaka view, as well as furthering our understanding of bodhicitta.

• Beginningless Mind
• Four Noble Truths
• 12 Branches of Dependent Arising
• Death and Dying
• Lower Realms of Existence
• 6 Perfections
• Kind Mother Beings
• Emptiness

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Spiritual Book Club

4 books per year

Book club is wonderful opportunity for self-study, under the guidance of a qualified meditation teacher.

We read buddhist philosophy and meditation training texts from noted authors such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh, Pemo Chodron, Thupten Jinpa and others.

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