Meditation Level 1 – DIY


Created and recorded by Sanjay.


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Mindful Awareness

Open your heart and mind by being more attentive to your thoughts and daily activities.

There are many benefits to practicing meditation and mindfulness for both the physical body and our minds. Deep healing and lasting happiness, not to mention the benefit it brings to those around you.

Mindful Awareness is the first step to turning inwards and becoming attuned to your thoughts and actions. Through this practice we begin to develop an understanding of our mental habits. We begin to see from our heart rather than from our ego. Our actions then start being of true benefit to ourselves and others.

In this meditation course we cover:

• What is Mindfulness?

• Why do we do it?

• Having the right motivation.

• How do we do it? – looking at 4 techniques to bring calm and attentiveness.

Includes a manual and 4 x 10 minute audio meditations.

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